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The Premise

You've all seen it: the god-awful almost unreadible fanfiction that is floating around the net. Have you ever wondered how the characters of Doctor Who may have reacted to reading it?

Mystery Science Theater 3000, known as MST or MST3k, is a TV series that ran from 1988 to 1999. In this show, a man and his robots are trapped on a satelite in space and are forced to watch terrible movies. The premise of the show is that these people make a running commentary on the movies, adding their own hillarious commentary to the films.

This community is based on that premise: to heckle the worst fanfiction you can possibly find. Find something truly unreadible and add a commentary to it.

Note: If you don't understand exactly how this works, please take a look over at house_mst and see how they do it.


1. Try to use proper spelling and grammar when commentating. You're making fun of bad fanfiction. It's much harder to write something funny when you write like they do.

2. Try to stay in-character when writing the commentaries. It makes for a much better commentary.

3. Always LJ-cut your entries.